If you have sensitive skin, using only fragrance-free products is essential. The synthetic fragrances commonly found in commercial soaps and other skincare products are chemicals that remove unpleasant odours. But they can also irritate your skin.

Harmful Effects of Fragrances on Your Skin

Often, synthetic fragrances impart scents through volatile reactions, which can lead to sensitizing reactions on the skin. In fact, research shows that fragrances in skincare products are one of the main causes of skin conditions like redness, acne, and inflammation. 

Although the side effects may not be visible on your skin's surface immediately, the damage will accumulate over time and potentially harm your health and well-being. Some of the reported side effects of chemically-induced fragrances include:

  • Flare-ups
  • Rashes and redness
  • Acne and other skin conditions
  • Mood swings and hormone imbalance

That’s not all. Prolonged exposure to synthetic fragrances can also lead to detrimental health issues, such as the following:

  • Cancer
    Synthetic scents contain phthalates that are connected to endocrine disruption, cancer, and reproductive toxicity. Another chemical found in most artificial fragrances is known as styrene. This is considered to be a human carcinogen commonly found in car exhausts and cigarette smoke. It might sound unusual to put it in beauty products, but this ingredient is used to increase viscosity and water resistance in cosmetic products.
  • Birth Defects
    Pregnant women who expose themselves and their unborn babies to synthetic fragrances can lead to unnecessary birth defects like autism and other neurological disorders. This all goes back to the phthalates content. The toxins in synthetic fragrances can interfere with the baby's brain development if exposed to it either in the womb or after birth. Regardless of the short exposure, the consequences can last a lifetime.
  • Allergic Reactions
    Fragrances are considered a top allergen that can cause headaches, migraines, asthma, and sinus irritation. Besides that, fragrance mixtures can also trigger allergic skin reactions like rashes. 
  • Asthma and Other Respiratory Conditions
    As it is, asthmatics are already quite sensitive to smell. So, when they’re exposed to synthetic scents, they can suffer worsening symptoms and serious respiratory conditions. Some of these conditions include shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, and lower exhalation volume. That said, it’s clear how synthetic scents can impede optimal breathing.

So, to avoid the long-term harmful effects of synthetic fragrances, you need to switch to fragrance-free products.

What Fragrance-Free is All About

Contrary to the term, fragrance-free products can still contain a distinct scent. The only difference is that the scent comes from the natural ingredients used rather than added chemicals. 

Fragrance-free products, such as Castile Soap, are good for people with sensitive skin because they are non-toxic and contain naturally beneficial ingredients that do not irritate the skin. What's more, these ingredients contain beneficial vitamins and minerals that can boost the skin's health, add moisture, prevent common skin conditions, and protect it from the natural ageing process. 

Natural Fragrances Found in Castile Soap Singapore

Here are some of the natural fragrances found in Castile liquid soap that are beneficial for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin.

  • Lemon 
    Lemon is a citrus ingredient that gets rid of acne and other skin inflammations by fighting free radicals. As a result, lemon and other citrus essential oils can purify your skin, fight nausea, and refresh your senses.
  • Lavender
    Lavender, on the other hand, is good for treating dry skin. Dry skin is common if you live in drier climates like Singapore. Other times, dryness can be caused by ageing or reduced oil production in your skin. When this happens, you need to find organic products with lavender. This ingredient can balance the moisture and naturally hydrate your skin without leaving it greasy. In addition, the scent of lavender promotes sleep and relaxation, which effectively calms your mind and body.
  • Chamomile
    Chamomile contains azulene, which is known for reducing inflammation and increasing the skin's moisture. It also contains powerful antioxidants that can protect your skin from damage, accelerate tissue renewal, and reduce signs of ageing. Like lavender, chamomile gives off a calming scent that promotes peace and relaxation.
  • Eucalyptus
    This is another natural ingredient that has pain-relieving qualities. It also provides moisture to soothe itchy and painful skin rashes.
  • Tea Tree
    Unlike the previous natural scents, tea tree oil has a powerful and distinct aroma derived from the melaleuca tree. Besides its scent, another distinguishable feature is its strong antiseptic properties that fight acne-causing bacteria.

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