4 Secrets to a Healthy, Glowing, and Youthful Skin

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It's also the most noticeable, especially when redness, irritation, and inflammation appear. That's why it's essential to protect your skin from potential damage. 

But if you’re having a hard time keeping your skin healthy, don’t worry. Read this article to find out the secret to healthy, glowing, and beautiful skin.

Change Your Diet

By protecting your gut health, you also protect your skin. That said, here are the four essential food items you need to include in your diet.


Studies show that tomatoes have skin cancer prevention properties. One research suggests that daily consumption of tomatoes can decrease the risk of skin cancer tumours by up to 50%, even after exposure to UV light. This is because tomatoes contain a component known as lycopene. Lycopene is a pigment that gives tomatoes their vibrant, red colour. But apart from that, it also plays a vital role in protecting your skin from UV damage. 


Similar to tomatoes, kale has powerful properties that can help protect your skin from light-induced damage, especially from UV rays. This is because it contains lutein and zeaxanthin, which function as a natural sunblock.

Green Tea

Many studies demonstrate that drinking green tea or applying it topically on your skin can reduce inflammation, treat acne, and make your skin much younger. In addition, it also shows great potential in preventing skin cancers, both melanoma and nonmelanoma. 

Green tea is associated with several skin benefits because it contains a compound known as polyphenols. These are organic antioxidants that are naturally present in plants, including green tea. They function to rejuvenate dying skin cells, thereby healing wounds and preventing skin conditions. 

Green tea shows promising results as a possible treatment option for conditions like dandruff and psoriasis


Several soy products like soy milk, soybeans, and tofu can preserve the skin-firming compound found in your body known as collagen. Over the years, your skin will naturally lose elasticity, and you will see wrinkles appear. Therefore, adding soy products to your diet can help delay the ageing process to keep your skin looking radiant and youthful. 

Manage Stress

By protecting your gut health, you can also protect your skin. But did you know that your mental well-being can also impact the largest organ in your body?

You're more likely to experience skin issues like hair loss, scaly skin, rashes, itchiness, flaky scalp, and inflammation if you're stressed. In addition, those who experience high-stress levels are 23% more likely to develop severe acne than those who don't. 

For this reason, managing your stress by doing yoga, meditation, or practising relaxation techniques can significantly clear your skin and improve your overall health.

Moisturise Your Skin Daily

Applying skin moisturisers and lotions can keep the external layer of your skin hydrated. What's more, they can seal all the moisture inside, so you can keep it nourished for longer periods. Most moisturisers have humectants that attract more moisture to the skin, occlusives that can retain moisture, and emollients that can smoothen your skin cells. When used daily, you will notice a great improvement in skin texture and quality.   

Wash with Gentle Products

Your skin, especially the one on your face, can be very sensitive. Choosing harsh products can lead to irritation and breakout. That’s why experts recommend that you use gentle soaps.

Organic Castile Soap is an incredible skin cleanser that's gentle and effective on the skin. It's made with natural oil extracts to help keep your skin moisturised and hydrated. What's more, the organic ingredients used to make the soap contain antibacterial agents that can reduce oiliness and acne. 

With consistent usage of this product, you can transform your skin to have a healthy, glowing, and youthful appearance.


Maintaining healthy, glowing, and youthful skin is a holistic process that involves improving your diet and mental wellness as well as using the right products. Fortunately, you can get everything you need to improve your skin when you shop at Nature's Glory, the trusted organic store in Singapore.

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