Boost Your Energy with Manuka Honey

When you think about boosting your energy for the day, you're probably thinking about drinking your daily dose of caffeine or eating delicacies with sufficient sugar content. While these methods are effective, there are more natural ways to do it. One of which is by consuming Manuka honey.

Manuka honey—mainly glucose and fructose—can boost your energy just as effectively as the other products. On the one hand, glucose gets absorbed in your body immediately to get an instant jolt of energy. But, on the other hand, fructose gets absorbed much slower, so you can sustain your energy for longer.

Ways to Consume Manuka Honey to Boost Energy

The great thing about using Manuka honey as an energy source is its versatility. You can choose to consume it in various ways, depending on your prep time and preference. Below are some of the methods you can try.

  • Eat a Spoonful

    One of the most immediate ways to consume Manuka honey is by eating it straight from the bottle. Because of its thick consistency, you can easily get a spoonful out of the container without any fuss. However, to get the most benefits, be sure to eat Manuka honey in moderation. One to two teaspoons a day (around 5 to 10 mL) is the recommended amount.

    When you opt for this method, you need to know that Manuka honey has a very distinctly potent and earthy flavour. Unlike other sweet honey products, this particular type of honey is an acquired taste.

    Because of its rather dense consistency, you may need to let it sit in your mouth for a couple of minutes before you can swallow fully. But during this time, you'll begin to feel your energy surging.

  • Add into your Coffee

    If you prefer to taste Manuka honey more subtly, an alternative is to add it to your daily coffee.

    Coffee in itself is already an energy-boosting drink. But when you add raw honey to the mix, the effects can double. The reason behind this is that honey contains a series of B vitamins, particularly vitamins B12 and B6. These are essential nutrients that give your body that much-needed energy boost.

    Apart from supporting your body's red blood cells, B vitamins break down glucose, protein, and fat and convert them into adenosine triphosphate (ATP). These energy-carrying molecules help reduce fatigue, increase power and strength, and improve overall body composition.

Mix with your Morning Smoothie

Another way to get all the energy-boosting benefits of your local honey is to combine it into your morning smoothie. Not only will doing this sweeten the drink, but it will also help you get additional nutrients from the fruits that you use.

Some of the best fruits you can incorporate to power up with honey include:

  • Bananas: Apart from being a natural source of sugar (and, therefore, energy), bananas are also rich in healthy fibres that help slow down the absorption of sugar to help your body sustain energy for a longer duration.
  • Avocados: Like bananas, avocados are high in fibre. But they’re also rich in protein and healthy fats. So, when combined with honey, avocados can help increase your energy levels by making fat-soluble nutrients more readily available in your body.
  • Apples: Apples are a great source of carbohydrates, fibres, and antioxidants. One of the most notable antioxidants found in this fruit is flavonoids. These essential compounds fight against conditions that may deplete your energy, like inflammation and oxidative stress.
  • Oranges: Oranges are a staple citrus fruit that many Singaporeans enjoy for their sweet yet zesty flavour. But more than that, oranges are also sought-after for their high vitamin C content. Vitamin C is a powerful vitamin because it can offer a wide range of benefits, from preventing fatigue and boosting energy.
  • Goji Berries: Aside from improving your energy levels, goji berries also enhance your ability to focus, elevate athletic performance, and support mental acuity.

Although each of these fruits has beneficial nutrients to give you enough energy for the day, you can further the effects by adding honey. 


Whether you need energy for your workouts or your daily life, incorporating Manuka honey is the best option because it's natural and has minimal carbs. So, you can maintain your weight while getting maximum health benefits. So, buy Honey in Singapore at Nature's Glory.

We have a wide variety of honey products, ranging from organic honeydew to high-grade Manuka honey. So, no matter your discerning tastes, you can find products that will suit your preferences.

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