Honey Health Benefits and Uses

Sweet, delicious and even healthy? Those are just some of the reasons why we love honey. Organic Honey tastes great and is the perfect ingredient for your next baking session or cup of tea. Some honeys can even be so good for you!

Compared to regular sugar, honey is a natural sweetener with plenty of health properties. It is also great for everyday use, by substituting regular sugar with honey. This liquid gold is goodness in a jar that everyone loves.

Honey is made from the nectar of nearby flowering plants that honey bees collect using their long tube-shaped tongue. The nectar is passed from bee to bee in a regurgitation process until it is finally deposited in a honeycomb. Bees then use their wings to fan the honeycomb and extract the extra water out of their honey. The honeycomb is then sealed by the bee to be stored away indefinitely as a food source for the bees.

Honey is then extracted using specialised equipment to keep the honey pure and intact. Additional beeswax and propolis may be filtered out of the honey to be made into other products.

The best honey is 100% pure and unadulterated with little to no processing or heating. This is the most popular type of honey that you can look for to enjoy this precious natural sweetener.

How to Enjoy Honey

Now that you’ve purchased your honey, here are some popular ways to enjoy it:

With your tea

Add a teaspoon of your favourite honey into your choice of tea steeped in hot water. Try not to add the honey directly into the hot tea, let it cool before adding. Some tea flavours that you could add some honey to include chamomile, chrysanthemum and your regular black tea. 


Honey can also be used to add flavour to your favourite meals. It is especially great in marinades and when grilling meats and vegetables. Add it as a glaze to your BBQ chicken, roasting carrots, with some goat cheese, as part of a salad dressing and much, much more. Feel free to experiment and switch up your dishes.


Honey can also be a substitute for sugar when baking. You can use honey in almost any baking recipe - from breads, to muffins, granola, cookies and cakes. Honey is likely to give out a more subtle taste as a sweetener in baking.

For Breakfast

Honey is especially great for breakfast foods. We love adding it to smoothies, yogurt and chia seed puddings. Most healthy breakfast foods can be a bit bland, but adding just a touch of sweetness with natural honey goes a long way.

As a supplement

It’s true, you can eat honey all on its own as a health supplement. While this may not be for everyone, wouldn’t you like an excuse to eat honey straight from the spoon? Luckily, honeys like Manuka honey have a low glycemic index so you won’t experience sugar crashes. Moreover, the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits of Manuka honey ensure that each teaspoon is good for your health.

Nature’s Glory Range of Honeys

At Nature’s Glory Singapore, we have a range of different monofloral and multifloral honey types from Manuka to Wilderness honey that are delicious and healthy. All can be used as a natural sweetener and some like Manuka honey have additional antibacterial properties and can boost your immunity. 

Depending on the flavour profile that you would like to choose from, our honeys taste light and smooth to rich and intense. Sourced from quality production and a variety of unique plants, our honeys are pure and mostly organic. 

Our honey products include our Organic Manuka Honey (Bioactive 15+), Organic Manuka XO Honey (Bioactive 30+), Organic Wilderness Honey, Organic Dew Honey and Organic Lemon Honey, as well as Raw Forest Bird’s Nest Honey. Select the most suitable honey to satisfy your palate and sweet tooth!

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